Herbal medicine uses plant remedies to cure different types of human diseases and to strengthen systems of the body that have become weak. Herbalists believe that herbal medicines are more effective than taking synthesized, Single ingredient drugs, as prescribed in orthodox modern medicine . Since couple of years herbal medicines have been getting great importance in the primary health care of individuals and communities in many developing countries and there has been an increase in international trade in herbal medicines.

  Exporter Team Limited has been successfully conducting it’s business in exporting Herbal medicine products to many countries in Asia, Europe and America for the last many years. The products are of high quality and tested in laboratory by the prominent herbal specialists of the world. Our associated company in Bangladesh is Modern Herbal Research Garden which have international awards and authorized certificates. The awards and certificates are :

: International Gold Star for Quality award provided by BID (Business Initiative Directions)
: Asian Congress on Medicina Aternativa certificate and many.

























We deal with these health problems such as : Skin Care, Body Odor, Allergy, Male Potency ect.

Our Product list is given below in detail:



 Four in One :
: Keeps brain Cool
: Removes Dandruff
: Stop Hair Fall
: Makes Hair Long & Black
 Ingredients of Modern Herbal Hair Oil :

Modern Herbal Oil is completely is completely different in quality and characteristics because of it’s various types of wonderful natural herbal ingredients like -

: Wedelia  Caendulacea
: Emblica  afficianalis
: Azadirachta  indica
: Lawsonia inermis
: Aloe Vera  (Aloe  indica)
: Asparagus
: Sessameoil
: Coconut oil
: Nardostachys  Jatamansi
: Sapindus trifoliatus
 Effectiveness :
: Turns hair black, so hair becomes soft, smooth & attractive
: Controls dandruff
: Stop hair fall
: Controls high blood pressure
: Removes headache and sinusitis problem
: Decreases mental restlessness
: Helps to grow new hair

 Usage :
 Use your finger or cotton to apply the oil in the hair roots or use normally like other oils.

 Ingredient :
 Trigonella Foenum
Usefulness :
: Regular taking controls Diabetic
: Well-digestive and strengthening
Methi crush is specially useful for the following problems :
: Indigestion
: Rheumatism
: Menstrual flow
: Slowness
: Distastefulness
: Pain and irritation of body
: Blood pressure
: Flatulence
: Heart palpitation
: Headache
: Gout
: Constipation
Usage :
: Can be taken mixing with water
: As Methi Crush is bitter in taste, it can be taken with rice, Lentil, Fish curry, Vegetable curry, Meat, Hotchpotch and with bread.
Caution :
Strictly forbidden to take in empty stomach
Ingredients :
: Azadirachta indica
: Rock Salt
: Andographis Paniculata
: Swertia Chirata
: Vitex Negundo
: Pterocarpus Santalinus
: Acacia catechu
Effectiveness :
: Cleans blood
: Removes pimples
: Cures skin diseases like itchiness, boils, allergy,
: Long use eliminates skin wrinkle.
Usage :
Take 4/5 spoonful syrup in empty stomach in morning and night. Please take according to Doctors prescription.
Caution :
Asthma patients are requested not to take this syrup without doctors advise.

The only Uptan made by mixture of pearl powder
Since the time immemorial, Herbal cosmetics have a great demand for beauty care. Modern Pearl Uptan is such a wonderful harbal cosmetics that has opened a new era for your beauty care.

Ingredients :
Modern Pearl Uptan is specially made by the mixture of different types of natural harbal elements, Such as :
: Margosa Tree ( Ajadirachta indica)
: Sandal paste (Pterocarpus Santalinas)
: Turmeric (Curcuma longa)
: Lentil
: Black caraway (Nigella indica)
: Aloevera (Aloe indica)
: Ginseng (Panax ginseng)
: Rose Petal
: Orange Peel
: Pearl Powder
: Basil
Effectiveness :
: Cleans skin drycells
: Nutritious for skin.
: Creats new cells in skin.
: Freshen tissue and increases blood circulation .
: Freshen nerve & decreases fat
: Eliminates skin wrinkle.
: Brighten, smoothen & freshen complexion.
Usage :
Mix water or non-sterilized milk with 2 or 3 spoonful of Uptan to prepare like cream & smear it throughout your face, throat with your hand. Let the rubbing be dried for 15 to 20 minutes & then wash it gradually with water.
Skin Problem is related with stomach problem. So, those who have stomach problem, should take one spoonful “Methi Crush” in morning & evening along with lot of water.
N.B : Modern Pearl Uptan is only for external use.
 We also export the following product items :
 Product Name  & Effectiveness :
Mango Pickle 400g Appetizer & Tasty
Garlic Pickle  400g reduces Fat & Cough, digestive
Olive Pickle  400g appetizer & Tasty
Satkora Pickle 400g Appetizer & Tasty
Orange Jelly 400g Nutritious & Tasty
Mixed Fruits 400g Nutritious & Tasty
Apple Jelly  400g Nutritious & Tasty
Diabetic Jelly  400g Sugar Free & Tasty
Tomato Sauce 300g Rich in Vitamin-C & Delicious
Modern Honey 400g,200g Natural Energetic & Healthy Food
Mustard Oil 300g 100% Pure & Natural Oil
Modern Lascha Semai 300ml Delicious & Nutritious Food
Mango Juice  250ml Sweety & Natural Soft Drinks
Super Gold Kosturi 15Pcs
Capsul  10 Pcs
Effective for irrepressible power & Increase Energy.
Super Ginseng  21 Pcs
Gold/ Plus Cap.                        30 Pcs
Increases Strength, Reduces hepatitis & diabetes
Energy Now Ginseng   21 Pcs
Energy Now Cap 30Pcs
Returns back loosen sexual power & vitality
A to Z Capsule                         30Pcs, 100 Pcs Improve hormone growth, Appetizer
Increases stamina & youthful vigour
Selenium Plus Cap 30 Pcs Strong antioxidants. Prevents cancer Protect early ejaculation. Enhance the immunity Power
Royal Jelly Capsule 30Pcs Increases Strength, makes semens Thick & creates new semens
Ginseng Halua MXN Kosta Super 100g Increases Sexual Power Condenses semense and prolongs short duration
Diabetic Capsule 40 Pcs
Diet Plus Capsule 45 Pcs
Control sugar level of blood & urine
defense against aging & kidney disea Ses
Methi Plus Powder 200g Control diabetes, rheumatiosm & blood Pressure.
Ginkgoba Plus Cap 40 Pcs Improves Ceribro Vascular Circulation,Sharpens Memory, Enhances, I Q LevelHelps to increase melatonin level.
Modern Black Cummion oil 60 ml For primary use of all diseases specially for cough & cough & asthma
Modern Herbal Uptan 100g Increases beauty & Complexion of skin
Ginseng Juice   100g Healthy & Energetic Soft Drinks


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